Tips to Manage Child Obesity



Child obesity is a problem that seriously worries parents. However, there are a few things that can be done to handle the problem of child obesity. Here are five things that you can do to ensure a healthy life for your kids.

1. You are the role model: Child obesity, generally, is a matter of heredity. It is said that where one of the parents is of overweight, children of such parents run a 25% risk of suffering child obesity. As parents, if you can pay attention to working on your own body weight, your child tends to follow the practice. Remember, children imitate parents as their role models.

2. Do not say it; do it: If your child is overweight, be sensitive and avoid imposing a diet, asking him to reduce his weight. Do some action. Do not discuss what to do to be healthy. Instead, discuss the benefits of being healthy. Instead of specifying don'ts to your child, tactfully bring in a certain food, time and activity discrimination at home. Your child will enthusiastically follow you.

3. Food discipline: The health of a family depends on its eating habits. Timely meals, eating together and healthy ingredients are the things that you as parents should adopt. This discipline of obesity obesity in general and child obesity, in particular. While timely meals help the digestive system, eating together facilitates hearty meal time. Healthy ingredients ensure children develop taste for healthy foods. Avoid all fast foods, junk foods, chocolates, ice creams etc from getting into your home. Make your refrigerator a storehouse of dry fruits, fresh fruits, low fat dairy stuff and healthy snacks.

4. Do not skip Breakfast: Convince your children of the importance of breakfast. Give them breakfast that contains proteins, starch and low fat so your children remain energetic throughout the day. Some study finds even cite that missing your breakfast makes it harder for you to lose weight.

5. Ensure Physical Activity: Computers, internet and video games contribute to child obesity. These have bought sedentary lifestyle to children too. Make physical exercises a family routine. Take your whole family on after-dinner walks. This can be fun time that your kids enjoy. Encourage them to take part in dancing, sporting and other physical activities at school and outside. It is a lot fun to turn on some music, gather your kids and dance the way you want and as you can.


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