To Remove Dandruff – Causes, Reasons and Treatments



To remove dandruff, which results from dead skin tissues seem to be an imposable task. When you are affected by the dandruff, your scalp aches, and you feel like scrubbing your scalp every moment. There are quite a number of causes of dandruff, which includes using the wrong shampoo, washing your hair too often, rinsing your hair, mostly with water and many more.

There are also some skin problems that cause dandruff. The common one is, Seborrheic Dermatitis: the reasons can be internal or external. It is also perceived that dandruff is caused by dry and cold weather.

Here are some of the causes of dandruff.

1. Consuming a diet which lacks vitamins on consecutive days. Vitamins help in the growth of tissues. If you consistently take a meal which lacks vitamins and minerals that help to build tissues can result in the weakness of the scalp. The tissue in your scalp becomes weaker and softer and finally dies. You must take meals rich in all nutrients for you to remove dandruff and avoid health problems.

2. Blow drying can also cause dandruff. When you blow to dry your hair consistently, you make your skin dry and therefore, activating the reaction of yeast on your skin. There is a type of yeast on your skin called Malassezia. When the skin is dry, it reacts, causing dandruff on your hair.

3. Hormones can also be the reason why many people have dandruff. This is common to both genders but mostly on men. Dandruff usually starts on or after puberty stage.

4. Using the wrong shampoo to wash your hair. The products we use to make our hair have chemicals that react with the skin causing dandruff. The chemicals also affect the natural growth of hair and the normal shine in your hair. When you purchase hair-care products, it is important for you to look at the chemical components of products. Understand your skin reaction on different chemicals and make sure you avoid any products with such chemical components.

5. Exposure to bad weather conditions like cold and dry weather conditions can be a cause of dandruff. The reaction of yeast on your skin is more accelerated, and this could be the reason why many people are affected by dandruff on winter season.

6. Not brushing your hair regularly can increase the infection of dandruff on your scalp. This is because the dead tissues on your skin are not able to shed properly.

Treatment to remove dandruff

When you have realized that you have dandruff you should look for ways to treat the disease. There are ways you can treat dandruff when it has not reached a critical stage. Some of the ways include;

• Use anti-fungal shampoos to wash your hair. This will help in fighting yeast, which is one of the major causes of dandruff.

• Take a lot of vitamins and minerals that help in builds up tissues.

• Wash your scalp with Nizoral or Ciclopirox shampoo daily. Avoid hair-care products that are likely to cause irritations on your skin.

• Stop exposing yourself to the cold and dry season. Wear protective clothes that will keep your air in good conditions.

• Use Anti-bacterial cleaners – antibacterial cleaners such as sulfacetamide reduce the bacterial infections on the skin.

While you are trying to remove dandruff, you should also follow a healthy diet. One should add vegetables and fruits to the diet. Drinking plenty of liquid is also necessary. Clean and healthy hair reflects the beauty and also keeps the scalp free from any infection.


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