Top Ways To Banish Morning Sickness When Pregnant



You’re pregnant and along with all of the emotions and forward planning racing through your mind not only are you being sick but certain smells and other triggers are making you feel nauseous.

You may even feel that you couldn’t eat a thing or worry that your baby may suffer as a result. Don’t panic! You’re not alone and trying a few of the things below could help banish your sickness – or at least make it a little more tolerable.

The information contained here is a summary of advice from health experts, sickness sufferers and alternative therapists. It is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace individual medical advice. As always what works for some may not work for others – I sincerely hope that they work for you.

A cause of morning sickness is thought to be produced by a developing placenta causing high levels of the hormone HGC. Low blood sugar levels are also thought to contribute. To combat this it would be worth trying to keep your blood sugar levels stable and unfortunately this means eating some breakfast even if you can’t manage a huge amount.

What you need to try and do is eat some protein like nuts or natural yoghurt and some cereal. By eating little and often you can help this situation a lot and good snacks are Ryvita or Saltine crackers, nuts, oatcakes and fruit. Try and avoid junk food, tea, coffee and sugary or refined foods.

Deficiency of certain vitamins can be another cause so try taking a pregnancy multivitamin to ensure that your body is getting the recommended amounts of all vitamins.

Some women have found that eating drinking or smelling lemons can assist in abating the feeling of nausea but you may find that peppermint works better.

If you are really struggling to eat anything at all then you could try drinking ginger tea or ginger ale. Ginger is renowned for helping with morning sickness and it may just work for you.

Some doctors have recommended that pressing firmly against your belly button for around 1-2 minutes can help the feeling of nausea pass and is worth a try.

The good news is that however bad you feel you can rest assured that it’s only for a short time relatively and you have a magical time ahead of you. I hope that these methods work for you and help make your pregnancy easier.


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