Treating Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy


It's not surprising that pregnant women would suffer from hemorrhoids, considering all of the pressure their bodies are under. Some of the most well known symptoms of pregnancy, does nothing but encourage the formation of hemorrhoids. Because women in the early stages of pregnancy, experience increased bowel activity, they become susceptible to developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

One of the simplest causes of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, is the existence of too much pressure. This typically occurs in both the pelvic and the rectal area. These areas of extreme sensitivity where pregnant women are concerned. When one of these is put under pressure, tissue in the anal canal, fills with blood. This is a natural response to the pressure.

It takes place as a means of assisting in the bowel movement itself. Straining, in this process, generally increases the level of pressure, causing veins to swell substantially. Hemorrhoids are then developed. This is why it's easy to understand why expectant mothers suffer from this problem.

They are experiencing excess weight issues, frequent trips to the bathroom, and in some cases constipation. All of these work to produce hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Pregnant women do not only deal with this problem early on either. Women, who are at least six months pregnant, have more of a chance to develop hemorrhoids.

The symptoms one experiences due to hemorrhoids during pregnancy, will often vary woman to woman. Each case is individual and can have specific triggers. Notoriously, hemorrhoids involve both itching and burning of the affected area. Some women will experience bleeding during bowel movements. Most though, will have pain in the rectal area, and during the wiping process.

Thankfully for those suffering with hemorrhoids during pregnancy, there are many different ways to treat them. Depending on the level of discomfort you¡¯re feeling, it may be easier to find a natural method for your hemorrhoids. Natural methods can be applied from home, and do not need a doctor's assistance or prescription.

Two natural remedies, which are frequently used, may call for some things you already have at home. Witch hazel is a common drugstore liquid known to reduce swelling. Using compresses of this product on your hemorrhoids can provide some much needed relief. Another natural remedy is through the consumption of more fiber.

Fiber is a main staple in our diet, which serves many purposes. One of which, is to ease the process of having a bowel movement. Increased fiber in a pregnant woman's diet, can be exactly what she needs to reduce her hemorrhoid problem. Along with the fiber, do not forget to drink plenty of water which is an additional help.

Some medicated products, have also been known to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy. There are a lot of over-the-counter ointments on the market. These are specifically formulated for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Not only do ointments and creams work well, but so does an ice pack, applied to the area regularly.

Taking advantage of the simple ways to treat hemorrhoids can be not only easy, but also inexpensive, too.


Source by Heather-Jane Hunter

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