Treating Indigestion At Home – Four Proven Remedies



We have all been been awakened in the middle of the night with a and painful

burning sensation in our stomach or chest. These four proven remedies will help

abate your heartburn and indigestion so you can get back to sleep fast, no

matter what you have eaten. Often the first thing folks reach for is a glass of

milk or mints. This, however, is something you should not do. Milk may feel good

initially as it goes down your esophagus but the fats and proteins in the milk

will cause your stomach to produce more acid to digest them and this makes your

heartburn and indigestion worse.

While mints appear to sooth the heartburn

initially they actually only relax the valve between your stomach and

esophagus, which keeps acid at bay. As this valve becomes relaxed more acid

moves up the esophagus and makes the pain worse. Therefore, drinking a whole

glass of water followed by a one tablespoon baking powder and a half a glass of

water is best. Do not do this if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant as

this can cause water retention and an increase in blood pressure.

Another good trick is to eat a banana each day. A banana acts as a natural

antacid for the stomach and will soothe heartburn and indigestion. If you are

suffering from indigestion you can also eat a pineapple or papaya as well as

drinking the juice depending on your preference. This will help settle your

stomach naturally without the the chemicals you get in over-the-counter

medicines. Many people have reported that eating a teaspoon full of mustard will

immediately work to help their indigestion.

Thirdly, avoid eating at least two hours before you go to sleep. Late night

snacks keep your stomach busy producing the acid needed to digest food,

preventing you from having a deep, restful sleep at night. Some people even find

that sleeping on their left side or at a slightly upright angle helps keep their

acid down where it belongs.

Fourth, simply avoid eating the kinds foods that may cause your heartburn.

Carbonated beverages like soda or any beverages with caffeine,

alcohol,garlic,chocolate,citrus,tomatoes and tomato-based products are foods

that can cause indigestion and heartburn symptoms. It has also been reported

that taking a teaspoon full of vinegar soothes their heartburn immediately.

The reason giving your stomach more acid is actually helpful is because it helps

stop the excess of acid it is already producing. This is because indigestion and

heartburn is often caused by too little acid in the stomach and the acid in

vinegar will give your stomach the little bit of extra acid it needs to calm

down, eliminating your indigestion and heartburn suffering.


Source by Jill Seimer

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