Treating Yeast Infection Symptoms – Pregnancy Treatment to Get Relief


Treating yeast infection symptoms during pregnancy is a tricky situation. This is why getting a yeast infection while pregnant is the last thing any woman wants to deal with.

The truth is, developing this infection during pregnancy is more common than any other time in a woman’s life. The reason why developing the symptoms of this condition during pregnancy is more common is because the body of a pregnant mother is going through many hormonal changes. Also, during this time there is more sugar in the vagina the yeast can feed on.

The symptoms of this condition can include: a vaginal discharge that may have a yellow or green color, itching or irritation in the vagina area, burning sensation during intercourse or urination, and a lot of discharge.

Controlling these symptoms during pregnancy can be difficult so you must start treating it as soon as possible. The symptoms of this infection during pregnancy will add an even more discomfort and displeasure which is usually associated with pregnancy.

Treating yeast infection symptoms during pregnancy can be a little difficult because the only treatment methods considered safe enough during pregnancy are the use of creams or suppositories. Other medications have not been tested and proven to be safe enough for using during pregnancy.

To use a cream or suppository you must insert it into your vagina for about a week or until the symptoms are gone. Another effective way of treating these symptoms during pregnancy is to decrease your sugar intake which will stop the yeast from feeding and growing, thus making it easier to treat.


Source by Susan Lexington

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