Understand the Bird Flu Symptoms to Fight Against Bird Flu

by Lee Pham
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One of the latest fears around the world is the outbreak of bird flu. Bird flu has been spreading around countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and China. Now, this virus is rapidly spreading to more countries such as Japan, Korea, and recently, to European countries. It is important for individuals to be aware of this issue and understand the bird flu symptoms in order for one to take measures immediately and prevent the virus from spreading further.

The recorded bird flu symptoms including humans include fever, cough, sore throat, muscle pains and conjunctivitis. Other kinds of complications for people who contracted these illnesses include eye infections and acute respiratory distress. The most fearsome effect of the bird flu on humans are breathing disorders, such as pneumonia, and other severely life threatening complications that may eventually lead to death.

Since this condition is very dangerous, bird flu preparation is the key needed to prevent this life threatening disease from becoming a full-blown flu pandemic. People around the world need to be equipped with the basic awareness of the disease, such as understanding bird flu symptoms and how to prevent it, and should communicate and cooperate in the worldwide pursuit of ending the chain of bird flu victims.

What are the necessary things to do to prevent bird flu infection? How would you know if the person around you is suffering from this rare disease? What symptoms are they showing when one is affected by this condition? What should you do if you suspect a family member has avian flu? These are just among the many questions that you should know of the answer.

Prevention is definitely the most important thing in this battle. There may unfortunately be a very slim chance for cure when you are already infected by the disease. That is why prevention is so important.

The first preventive step in combating off avian flu is for a person to wear a bird flu mask, especially if he or she will be exposed to fowl for longer than usual, such as those people who are working in a veterinary clinic, pet shops or poultry farms, or one who has already shown some bird flu symptoms. Some bird flu masks are equipped with nano-particles that are proven to be highly effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria. These masks (which are usually disposable) effectively isolate and destroy bacteria and viruses, thus preventing their unwanted entrance to the human body.

Bird flu infestation has been a big threat to animals and humans as well. We have to give our sustained effort to fight off this influence, especially since it has been reported to be evolving fast into becoming a highly contagious disease. Be sure to take action immediately, either by called for medical help or isolation till medical help arrives, when you notice bird flu symptoms. In doing so, you can help to prevent this deadly virus from spreading further.


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