Useful Silica Cat Litter Information


Numerous cat owners are always searching for the best car litter in the market. This is currently not a major problem. Science and technology changes have caused a major improvement of car litters. The silica cat litter is among the newest products in the market. This product is really different and convenient. Its ability to absorb moisture makes it very useful in the manufacture of litter. Once it absorbs the kitty's urine and the moisture in its feces, the odor disappears too. The litter usage is rather simple and direct. Put the cat litter in the cat box or tray up to one-inch depth.

The work of silica is to absorb the liquid waste as the cat uses its box. Once it absorbs the liquid, the next thing is to dry it. Drying removes the odor and keeps the litter fresh. You should regularly scoop out the dry cat feces using a special gadget. You are free to flush or dispose the waste. This silica litter is economic because it lasts bi-weekly or monthly. You can there save save money compared to using clay or sand. It also makes cleaning the cat tray or box very effortless. Even if you keep more than one cats, you will not have many reasons to complain. Silica litter comes in different textures because the users repeatedly raised a health concern for their cats.

The problem occurs when your female or male cat steps on the silica litter. The initial complain raised by users is that silica litter can be rough or sharp on the kitty's feet. It contains tiny pellets, which some cat owners feel could appearible to their animals. As many of you know, cats have a natural grooming technique. They lick their front paws with their tongues when grooming themselves. You can see how easy a cat can take the pellets trapped between the feet. Ingestion of silica is unhealthy for humans and cats. To prevent further health issues for your cat, see to it that you remove the litter after a month maximum. There are concerns that silica cat litter does not dry urine and moist in feces completely.

One of the best breeding conditions for microorganisms is moisture. You want to keep your cats as secure as possible. If possible, change the cat litter after every two weeks. This will make your cat feel comfortable using his or her toilet. This is good for you because you will rarely retrain the cat to use the litter tray. If it notices that the litter is not fresh, the cat will refuse to use it. This is what you want to prevent at all costs or else the cat will poop or pee on the house floor or furniture. An important advantage of silica is that it is cheap. If you decide to remove the litter after two weeks, $ 10 box of litter is adequate. If you remove the dry feces daily, the silica cat litter might need a change after a month.


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