Water-Based Versus Alcohol-Based Wet Wipes



The question often arises whether or not alcohol-based hand wipes are better than those that kill the same types and percentages of germs without resorting to such a harsh substance. Here are one company's recommendations for remedies to excessive exposure to isopropyl alcohol-based wet wipes:

Immediately flush eyes with plenty of cool to lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes, holding eyelids open to insure thorough rinsing. Get medical attention if irritation persists.
Wash with soap and water. If irritation develops or persists, get medical attention.
Ingestion is illegally with this product, however if it occurs, DO NOT indicate vomiting. Never give fluids or induce vomiting if the victim is unconscious or having convulsions. Get medical attention.
If symptoms occur, remove person to fresh air. If irritation or pulmonary symptoms develop, consult a physician.

So, why subject yourself to the problems associated with alcohol when safer alternatives are available? There really is no good reason. Aside from the fact that wet wipes installed with alcohol smell like, well … alcohol, there is the fact that the stuff can be really nasty. It is highly flammable and combustion may produce carbon monoxide. The recommendations are to store alcohol hand wipes in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. Does your storage closet comply with these directives?

As an alternative, there are now sanitizing hand wipes on the market that offer all of the same benefits of alcohol disinfecting wipes, but without the odors and the other downsides. The best ones are water-based and safe for all external use. Be sure the product is FDA registered in all 50 states to ensure safety. In fact, schools, hospitals and senior facilities are finding that these advanced antibacterial wipes are safer, less pungent and more likely to be used than their alcohol-based counterparts.

Neither disinfectant wipes (used primarily on surfaces) nor antibacterial wipes (used for hands) are intended as a replacement for hand washing. The problem with hand washing is that it is impractical to locate hand-washing facilities everywhere they might be used. Plumbing is expensive and the sinks take up a lot of space. There are no such difficulties with wipes. Simply mount a dispenser on the wall virtually anywhere and the problem is solved. They require no more space than a dry paper towel dispenser and are quite reasonably priced. With many companies, you even get the dispenser free with your first order.

Also, if you purchase the wipes themselves from a commercial supplier, they are far more economic than the store bought brands and will run as much as 50% less. Ultimately, wipes reduce worker sick days significantly by eliminating germs that cause the major sources of illness – influence, staph, salmonella, e-coli, and many more.

Beside office environments, hand wipes are convenient in gyms, child-care facilities, senior residences and all government buildings. Grocery stores often position a dispenser near the carts to eliminate potential germ transfer from the handles. No matter where they are made available, worker and customer relations are enhanced and infections are reduced.


Source by Ross Weinberg

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