Ways To Kill The Disease Causing Germs


The fastest and easiest way in which germs spread is through direct contact. Most of the diseases causing germs in our hands hide under the finger nails. They accumulate during the various day to day activities and the many items as well as people we touch. After collecting all these germs, we transmit them to others or transmit them to other parts of our own body such as the eyes and skin. We can also ingest the germs when biting our nails.

We can always minimize infection by cutting our nails short or avoiding biting our nails. However, the best way to avoid germ infections is by proper hand washing. Soaps and disinfectants are vital health products to kill germs and minimize infections. However, these health products should not be toxic, they should not react with the body nor should they affect the internal organs. Instead, the products should be able to wipe out as many germs as possible.

Liquid and bar soaps are very good in cleaning the palms and the back of the hands but might not be effective in cleaning under he finger nails making it even more important to keep the nails short. However, soap and water used for the hands are vital health products when it comes to reducing the rate of germ infections.

Alcohol is another one of the vital health products in hand hygiene. It used in situations where water is scarcely available especially by medical practitioners. You can also get yourself alcohol hand sanitizing gels if you are planning on a trip where soap and water will not be readily available.

Germs can also be picked up from food. This includes raw foods such as meat and eggs. These products contain bacteria and contact with ready to eat foods can cause cross contamination. A fine way to disinfect the equipment used to prepare food is by using vinegar.

There are plenty of very vital health products in the market to kill germs and bacteria in effort to minimize infections especially in children hence the need to make sure that the products are effective and safe. In case of very young children, you might also need to disinfect their toys or the objects they are likely to put into their mouths.

It might be also helpful to note that not all gems and bacteria are harmful. They actually make the immune system stronger.


Source by Emma Wanjiku

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