Weight Loss Motivation and How to Get It


You can declare to one and all how you're going to avoid fat like the plague, shun those baked goods and just live on fish and bread. What's missing in your plan for weight loss? Motivation! You know what you should do, you just do not have very specific reasons. Sure, weight loss is a fine objective if you're overweight. The real question is, why do you want to shed those extra pounds?

Before you ever choose your menus, you've got to clearly define what motivates you. Everyone has different reasons. For example, a woman may have her eye on the oh-so attractive guy at work and figures losing ten pounds might catch his eye. A man in a sedentary job has accumulated a bit of a belly. He figures, at 40, he wants to tackle this now for continued popularity with the ladies. Some people find their clothes getting a bit snug, and do not relish the prospect of being forced to buy a new wardrobe. Maybe you just feel sluggish and your weight loss motivation is a desire for more energy. Another weight loss motivation comes from your friendly Doc, who warns you to lose weight before you jeopardize your health.

These are all legitimate reasons. What you need to do is make your own list of reasons you're going to torment yourself with a strict diet. You need that daily incentive, just to keep you honest with yourself. Then you're far more likely to stick with it and achieve your goal. Your list should include as many good weight loss motivational ideas as you can come up with and you do not want to hurry through this process! If possible, inject some humor, too. (What comes to mind here is that Far Side cartoon, where a man puts a cat into some ridiculous contraption, with the cat emerging from the other end as a dog.) An utter transformation, just as you'll emerge from that nasty diet , with a svelte figure!

Take a week for this worthy project. Add something new each day. "I will not get depressed trying to fit into my jeans." Promise yourself something special, of increasing value, for each week you stick with the program. No, dinner at the fast food as a reward is inappropriate here. Beauty treatments work well with women. With men, reverse psychology sometimes works. If you do not cheat, yes you can watch the football game on Sunday. Setting aside a cash reward, which increases weekly, to be spent as you please when you achieve your goal is popular with everyone.

Now, what to do with your personal list of weight loss motivation? Well, it's up to you, whether you brazenly tack it up on the frig, or hide it in your nightstand. Just go over it every day, or any time you're about to shuck it all. It'll work!


Source by Cazza Burke

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