What Are the Benefits of Home Remedies


Do you believe that popping the pill is the best solution to deal with your health problems? If yes, think twice. Are you aware of the power of home remedies and natural therapies available at your fingertips? Well, if you feel that visiting a doctor for common day to day illnesses is an unnecessary expense and can cause side effects in the long run, then simple age old natural remedies is the right option for you. Home remedies have been used since ages and have been passed down from generation to generation. These are exactly what they sound like. Natural cures that can be used at home without any complications or life threatening side effects.

Your Kitchen is The Best Place For Home Remedies The kitchen is a great place to start using natural cures. Almost all the medicines that you would need can be found in your very own kitchen. Dealing with common ailments like the annoying cold or a toddler cranky with indigestion is very easy to cure. A mixture of honey-the wonderfully rich golden liquid that can be found in most kitchens- and cinnamon, the common spice, can be given in prescribed quantities to bring relief from such normal complaints. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s true. Knowing which home remedy to use, can easily help you treat many of the ordinary illnesses right at home itself.

Advantages Of Home Remedies The natural shift back towards home remedies is slowly gaining momentum. More and more people are now looking into their own kitchens and gardens to find natural cures for daily ailments. Almost every illness will have a natural remedy. The main benefits of natural remedies are:

  • They are convenient and safe to use
  • They are comparatively less expensive
  • They are very easy to use and have no side effects
  • No chemicals are used while preparing natural cures
  • The ‘feel good’ factor where you feel happy that you were able to treat your illness all by yourself with natural alternative therapies.

The main principle of home based cures is to use natural therapies to boost immunity such as –

  • Massage: Massage therapists use specialized massage techniques to treat musculoskeletal problems
  • Yoga: Various yoga poses and postures, meditation, yoga techniques and exercises play an important role in keeping you fit and disease free.
  • Aromatherapy: which uses the scents of essential oils to revitalize and heal.
  • Home Remedies: Using the natural chemicals that are present in the spices, fruits, vegetables and herbs to attack the foreign substance in our body that is causing infection and/or discomfort rather than resorting to stronger chemicals in the form of antibiotics.

Antibiotics, though necessary for chronic diseases, can be avoided for more minor ailments. Last but not the least, in more serious chronic health problems like angina or cancer, it is vital that the person seek professional medical advice to deal with health problems.


Source by Pallavi Pinge

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