What You Should Know About Home Treatments For Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoid symptoms may include rectal area discomfort, pain, itching and burning and if you are experiencing these symptoms, it is best to look for treatments for hemorrhoids. Aside from prescription medications, you can also use a home treatment for hemorrhoids especially if you do not suffer from bleeding.

Fiber supplement is recommended for people who have hemorrhoids as it cut off the laxative effects, making it beneficial on the treatment of symptomatic hemorrhoids. In addition, most experts recommend taking insoluble fiber as a remedy for hemorrhoids.

Eating foods that are rich in fiber is effective in order to avoid stomach problems and constipation. Fiber helps the food pass the colon promptly and easily. People who suffer from hemorrhoids are recommended to go on a fiber diet that includes bran and bran cereals, dark berry juices made from blueberries, blackberries and cherries, papaya, cantaloupe, bananas, pomegranate and red and black currants.

An effective home treatment for hemorrhoids is performing regular exercise. Physical activity such as cycling and other sports can help treat hemorrhoids. This is because exercise tends to improve metabolism, tones the muscles, improves blood circulation and enhance immunity. It is recommended to start your exercise regimen with jogging every morning or attend yoga classes.

Soaking in warm water in the tub for around fifteen minutes two to three times everyday can help relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids. However, you must be careful when drying the affected area and do not use any rough material for wiping.

Ice packs are also known to be an effective home treatment for hemorrhoids. Have a couple of ice cubes and wrap them in soft cloth. By applying the ice pack on the area, the pain can be lessened.


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