Why is My Penis Small? WARNING! The Shocking Truth About Penis Size You Ought to Know


Why is my penis so small? Do I have bad luck…..or is there something wrong with me? Does it matter…or is it NOT so important anyway? In this article we are going to tackle the tough topic of a sub standard penis size…and see if there is anything you can (or should) do to improve your anatomy.

Curious to know more? Great…..lets take a closer look immediately below!

Why is my penis so small?

The GOOD news? You are probably not NEARLY as bad as you believe! Some studies suggest that more than 50% of men who believe they are very small are really not…and are a lot closer to average, or at least not far from it, than they think. As a matter of fact, size self esteem issues have been identified by several studies as a significant problem for many men….even when there isn’t really all that much to worry about.

Of course many men are simply built smaller than average, and that’s simply the law of nature, and the luck of the draw at work. And a very small subset of men actually have a genuine problem with being significantly undersized…but believe or not, this is a bit less common than you’d believe, and often requires much more dramatic treatment to solve. (usually Phalloplasty….or surgical implantation)

Is there any way to increase penis size without doing anything drastic?

Absolutely, yes. The truth is, natural male enhancement exercises work very well. As does penis stretching, or extension devices. Both of these methods aim to improve 3 key things:

  1. Tissue thickness
  2. Circulation
  3. Muscularity (The PC muscle)

Which enlargement method is the best?

Good question! Penis stretching, or extension devices tend to have the best overall results, for obvious reasons. You wear them much longer, therefore, they are working, stretching and tensing the tissue for far longer than you could do, reasonably, with your hands. The critical point about extension devices is that they MUST be MEDICAL grade, or of very high quality, otherwise you are going to waste your time, effort and income. (and of course, anything less is not safe)

As far as exercise goes, tens of thousands of men have gotten amazing gains from jelqing, pc contractions, kegel exercise and the whole gamut of tension, torque and traction techniques. They are recommended…they do work, and they are less expensive obviously, than buying an extender.

The SHOCKING truth about penis size, and enlargement is this……….

The chances are, you are far closer to the norm than you believe. I’ve written hundreds, if not thousands of articles on men’s health, and male enhancement specifically. While having a great sized manhood is certainly nice…and while society seems to place a sort of STATUS on being BIG, the likelihood is, in YOUR life, your penis is LESS of a problem than you believe!

And while there are in fact several methods that DO work very well for adding inches to your anatomy, (like the ones above) the rest of the strategies you’ll read about are silly….and are more about marketing MYTH than a massive manhood…and are well worth avoiding to boot!


Source by Amos Amsterdam

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