Why Wait to Be Sick When You Can Be Healthy Today?



Most people today base their health on whether they have symptoms or not. If you feel well than you must be well, if you do not feel well than you are not healthy. However that is not true. In most of a disease process, symptoms do not manifest until much later on. By the time symptoms arise it becomes crisis care. This can cost thousands to hundreds of thousands. Some even have to sell their homes or refinance them in attempt to hold onto the life they have left or a loved one. In any light it becomes a painful experience that could have been avoided.

Some people have the awareness to get daily checks so they can detect disease early on, which can be a good thing. However even the most sensitive instruments do not detect disease until it is almost too late. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that the rate of cancer will increase to 50% in the year 2020 for industrialized countries such as Singapore. Quite an alarming rate when you think about it. Especially with all the advances in technology, one would think should reduce the incident of disease. Some contribute the increase from tobacco usage but if the public is becoming aware that smoking is bad and fewer people smoke then why is the rate of cancer increasing? Diet is valid point. Foods these days do not have the nutrients as they did 50 years ago, which is why the nutrition business is a multi-billion dollar industry today and the public is starting to go organic. Stress can also be a valid point but in other developing countries the level of stress can be equal or greater.

I believe the largest contributing factor to the increase of disease is people have forgotten to rely on the greatest doctor, which would be intelligence in our body. Culturally we have put so much faith in the technology that we build and so little on our innate ability to heal. This innate intelligence inside of us is the same intelligence that created each and every one of us from cells joined together from our parents. Nature has been able to adapt faster than we can create a cure for a specific disease. We are losing the fight against disease because nature has billions of years of experience. Focus needs to be shifted to embracing life instead of fighting disease.

The Chiropractic principle of healing from inside out Promotes us to embrace our body and embrace the world around us. By freeing up interference between your brain and your spinal cord, our bodies are given a chance to become whole again.

This is achieved by realigning the bones in your spine, which allows nerve impulses or life force to move more freely through the body. Since there are 133 joints in your spine, it is very easy for them to become misaligned. Often it occurs as early as birth. Like a supercar that needs maintenance on a frequent basis even though there is nothing wrong, our bodies need the same attention. The difference between our bodies and a supercar is, we are much more sophisticated and irreplaceable. Your body has between 50-100 million cells, so it is very important that your brain can communicate effectively to those cells. When there is an increased intelligence in your body, healing from various illnesses and conditions becomes possible.Your body is able to take care of problems like skin conditions, infertility and various other diseases when there is order inside of you.

It is important to stress out that Chiropractic does not cure anything. Instead, creates an environment in your body that gives you the opportunity to cure yourself in a non-invasive and safe way. Chiropractic has been known to treat back pain but the benefits are so much more. Often clients only come in for symptom relief instead of wellness care so they can not fully benefit from the services. Making sure you are going to a principle Chiropractor who embracees the concept of healing from the inside out is very important. Just like you would not go to a personal trainer who is in worse shape than you are, listening to a doctor who smokers, or going to a psychotherapist who is more depressed than you are.

Nurture your body and it will nurture you back with vitality. It is empowering to take a proactive part in your health instead of a passive one that waits for something to go wrong. Advances and research in science should not be ignored but the way we approach our health should. Being proactive involves educating yourself and doing all the right things to stay healthy as possible. Chiropractic is not at all an end all to dis-ease but it is a good place to start. We may never know what our future holds but we can choose to be healthy and happy at this present moment. By allowing the power that made the body, to heal the body, will transform your life.


Source by Theo Kieu

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