Women Want Men With A Vasectomy


Having a vasectomy has been the wise choice of over five hundred thousand American men each year. This is because raising children has become less important to both men and women. There are many reasons for this change in values and the main one is economics – it is too expensive to raise a child. It is estimated the cost of raising a child from birth until the age of eighteen runs over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This does not include the loss of income.

There are women that demand a potential lover get a vasectomy before they would be willing to have an affair with him. One attractive woman claims that she had seventeen lovers who had the operation done in order to get the chance to make love to her. She even paid the two hundred dollar cost of each operation out of her own pocket. The operations were done at the office of her private physician while she watched the hour long procedure. The doctor himself was one of her devotees who also had a vasectomy to get a chance to be her lover.

Men who are either unemployed or are on the low income scale are not recognized as husband material by most women. They would never consider raising a family with that type of individual. But he might be an attractive guy who she would like to have an affair with. There is now no reason for a woman to avoid a guy that is broke. She could ask him to get a vasectomy before he could become her lover. That is a sure way to prevent her from ever becoming a welfare mother.

Most health plans cover the costs of a vasectomy. Without health insurance doctors would do it for two hundred dollars. It is a wise choice for a guy that is having a hard time earning money. But remember to get a statement from the doctor. It will help your love life with a woman that has a fear of getting pregnant with a guy that is broke.

There are couples that have already had a few children and don’t want to have another one. The vasectomy would be the perfect solution. It is becoming the best way of keeping the family size contained to affordable levels.

Today’s women have a power never before dreamed of. They can control who the father of their child will be. A woman no longer has to take the chance of becoming pregnant with a guy that is sure to wind up as a dead beat dad – a guy that can’t support his children and disappears. For two hundred bucks she can take him to her doctor and get him a vasectomy. If she decides her potential lover will make a good father than let it happen.


Source by Melvin Polatnick

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