Yeast Infection Symptoms and Treatment – Treatment Options to Relieve Symptoms Fast


If you don’t know what a yeast infection is then it’s important to understand exactly what it is before you learn more about yeast infection symptoms and treatment. Also known as a candida infection, a yeast infection is caused by the candida albicans fungus.

Around 45% of all women will develop at least 2 or more infections during their lifetime. Women under too much stress, not getting enough sleep, taking antibiotics, and eating a poor diet are more likely to develop a yeast infection.

Some of the symptoms include: a vaginal discharge that is usually thick and white, uncomfortable burning sensation around the opening of the vagina, pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, and an itching sensation or soreness in and around the vagina. It is based on these symptoms you can tell if you have a yeast infection or not.

When suffering from this infection some people turn to anti-fungal medicines for treatment. These anti-fungal medicines usually come in the form of creams and suppositories. However, these medications are not recommended during pregnancy.

Some people respond well to anti-fungal medications and don’t suffer from repeated infections. However, other people continue to experience repeated infections even after anti-fungal medication treatment. For relief of more simple infections you can insert nystain vaginal suppositories into the vagina each day for ten days.

A single dosage of oral fluconazole is known to be a very effective treatment for an infection. Medications such as fluconazole are effective but many people tend to turn from them because they come along with side effects.

Some of the more natural treatment methods for this condition involve the use of natural unsweetened yogurt, acidophilus capsules, garlic, anti-fungal herbs such as golden seal, cranberries, apple cider vinegar,and tree oil. Along with these natural treatment methods it is also good to know some prevention techniques to stop infections from occurring in the future and to also keep symptoms from getting worse.

Some of these prevention techniques include avoiding sexual intercourse during treatment, stop using tampons while under treatment, switch to cotton underwear because panty hoses made from synthetic fibers create an increase in heat and moisture in the vagina area, practice good feminine hygiene, don’t douche, and wash the vagina area with mild soap and water daily.

These are the yeast infection symptoms and treatment you should know about. Regardless of what treatment you choose to use, if you don’t clear your symptoms within a week you should consult your doctor.


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