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Cleaning your bathrooms at home can be a pretty simple task because you do not have to clean them very often. When it comes to the restrooms at your office or school however, it can be a very difficult, expensive and sometimes never ending task. To avoid the problems that often arise when you are in charge of keeping a public restroom facility clean, it would be wise to look into technological opportunities that are currently on the market and easy to purchase. These are listed below.

Air fresheners

Nothing is worse than using a public restroom that has a bad odor. Air fresheners create a fresh smelling environment for all restroom facility users. Some of the latest air fresheners on the market can be fully installed and maintained by trained specialists and are comprised of no harmful aerosols. It is also important to use air fresheners that actually neutralize the smell instead of simply masking the odors.

Automatic Cleaners

Automatic urinal flushers and cleanings systems make sure that urinals and toilets are always clean, germ free and presentable to the next user. Clean restroom equipment, such as toilets, promote a healthy environment for employees, customers and visitors alike. Automatic cleaners can kill 99.9% of the bacteria and uric acid in the water. It can also help ensure that no human waste is left in the toilet after being used. Automatic cleaners also sanitize the bowl after every flush.

Automatic Faucets and Dispensers

After you use the restroom, you should wash your hands thoroughly to ensure you are not coming into contact with germs from anyone prior to you using the restroom facility. However you can easily catch germs on one place that carries the most germs in a public restroom – the sink! Touch-free faucets and soap dispensers are excellent places to start with your bathroom sanitation checklist. Give visitors of your restroom the ability to wash their hands effectively which means not coming into contact with any equipment in the restroom.

Feminine Hygiene Disposal Units

Many facility managers overlook this very important piece of restroom equipment. Women can easily be exposed to blood-borne pathogens in public restrooms. Females now have the ability to discard their female waste products without the need to touch any of the equipment. This technological advancement also helps decrease plumbing blockages due to the flushing of sanitary products.

The equipment listed above is just a courtesy of examples of what you can do to help promote a clean and healthy restroom environment. As you make your bathroom sanitation checklist, remember to think technology first.


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