Your Yeast Infection Symptoms – 6 Simple Steps to Relief Today and Uncover the Source of the Problem



If you have a Yeast Infection Symptom its crucial to understand and deal with its cause. So what are the typical symptoms of a Vaginal yeast infection. Okay I have had a full blown yeast infection, to the point were I thought I could not cope. What made things worse were my feelings of embarrassment. So I hope you will excuse me for being frank and to the point.

The main symptoms which effect women is the crazy itchy sensation were all you can think of is to scratch that itch! Secondly its the smell of the infection. Lets face it the term ‘rotting fish’ is slightly crude but fits the bill. A typical vaginal yeast infection will give you itchiness on the outside of your vulva. Also often what builds up within the vagina is a thick white curd like discharge. The vagina can be inflamed on the inside and outside. This is usually due to the irritation of the Candida Yeast and also the effect of rubbing the itch. When you pass urine (or have intercourse) you may even get a stinging or burning sensation. On the outside of the vagina you may notice abrasions to the skin due to itching.

To understand the cause of your Yeast Infection Symptom involves developing an awareness of the conditions that are going on for you internally, within your body and also within your life around the time of the infection.

A yeast infection occurs when Candida Albicans (part of your bodies natural yeast flora) multiply out of control. Actually, ‘Candida Albicans’ are always present in the human body. But under specific conditions (usually when your immune system is low) your bodies normal ‘checks and balances’ can temporarily fail or slow down. The result is a massive growth in the number of Yeast fungus cells.

Often a trigger for a Yeast Infection can be any stressful life event or illness which lowers your bodies natural immune system. The most common cause of a natural yeast infection is as a side effect of antibiotics. Were your bodies naturally good bacteria have taken a beating and are not in sufficient numbers to keep the Candida fungus in check.

What can you do to get relief? Create an environment that the Yeast Fungus will hate!

1. First Control the amount of food you eat that is sugary, starchy, or fatty (here you are starving the yeast fungus of its food).

2. Increase your intake of clean water, drink at least 2 litres a day (helps to flush toxins giving your bodies good bacteria a fighting chance!)

3. Have a warm bath add 5 -10 teaspoons of Cider Apple Vinegar to the water or gently sponge washed the vaginal area with warm water diluted with a few teaspoons of the Cider Apple Vinegar.(It is a natural anti fungal so will help kill off the excess Candida)

4. Now using a clean tampon or similar, create a douche using Natural Yogurt (unsweetened) and a few crushed Garlic cloves (skin Garlic first). Place douche in the vagina for up to one hour.(Both foods are naturally anti fungal and the yogurt will also create a soothing effect)

5. Remove the douche and repeat your warm bath or sponge bath as above.

6. Now relax, rest and drink plenty of water (Completely cut out tea and coffee and fizzy drinks for now, these all help the Candida to thrive when your defenses are low)


Source by Tara Lewis

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