Can Hamsters Eat Meat?

Can Hamsters Eat Meat?

Hamsters are small rodents belonging to subfamily of Crivetinae. This subfamily includes several species, classified in different genera.

Since they are easily adapted and easy to maintain, hamsters are often taken as pets. They are extremely popular in recent years and are certainly present as pets in the same number as cats and dogs. Hamsters are curious, playful and smart, so you should not have any difficulties in domestication.

This cute little mouse captivates its owners with its sweetness and intelligence. It loves to play and cuddle, but be careful and do not provoke it. Hamster can be a little aggressive if irritated and it can give you a bite of warning. Treat your new friend gently and with care and you’ll have satisfied and healthy pet. Hamsters do not need particularly complicated treatment or conditions. Make sure it has enough space in its cage and something to play. Place running wheel into its home, so your pet can be active during the night, since it is nocturnal being. They love to play and they need activity, since all hamsters tend to obesity.

How to feed a hamster?

Hamsters are omnivores and they are very diverse in terms of diet. Therefore, their nutrition is pretty simple. Basic food for hamsters are grains, which you can purchase in form of already made mixtures in any pet store or you could mix it yourself. Add two to three hazelnuts or walnuts a day, to enrich your pet’s diet. Fresh fruit and vegetable is also recommended. You should give it as a treat, several times a week. Too much wet food could disturb their sensitive bellies and digestion and lead to stomach problems. On the other hand, too much sugar from fruit can lead to diabetes and obesity.

Since hamsters do eat almost everything, their diet should include some animal origin proteins once in a while. A boiled egg or small amount of chicken meat can be beneficial to their health in general.

Hamsters carnivores

So, yes, hamsters can eat meat. In fact, it is advised to occasionally feed your pet a small portion of cooked chicken.

Besides chicken, cooked beef and canned dog food which contains meat can also safely be given to hamsters. The only thing you should worry about is that meat should be unseasoned. Never give your hamster salted or spiced meat, in any form.

Pork should be avoided. There are different opinions on this matter, since some owners experienced problems and others have not.

However, there is a variety of other food you can freely choose to feed your pet. The best advice is to simply dismiss pork as an option.

Cannibal hamsters

There are horror stories about hamsters’ cannibalism, sometimes connected with placing meat on their menu.

However, this phenomenon is not triggered by adding meat to hamster’s diet. It sometimes happens hamster eats its young or kill and eat other hamsters if they are unhealthy or if there is not enough food and space for all. So, it is a natural survival chain and it has nothing to do with the nutrition.

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