List of acceptable hamster food

Hamster_And_AppleDo you want to know what food is safe for your hamster and which food can harm it ? We have created of Acceptable Hamster Food so take a look at it below and remember that when you are going to introduce new food for your little friend, you should make it slowly to avoid diarrhea or stomach problems. Please, stay away from the wild vegs,fruits or plants if you are not sure that it’s suitable for the hamster. The complete list of acceptable food is below.


fruits_tips_mixed_slices5FRUITS Acceptable For Hamster
-Raspberry Leaves[helpful for diarrhea]
Grapes [seedless]
Peaches [no stone]
Plums [no pits]


VEGGIES Acceptable For Hamster

Carrot fresh vegetable group on white background

-Corn on the Cob
-Dandelion Leaves
-Green Beans
-Romaine Lettuce
-Cabbage [Limited amounts]
-Sweet Potatoes
-Sweet bell Peppers
-Swiss Chard
-Bok Choy
-Bean Sprouts
-Water Chestnuts
-Water Cress


Mealworms-Mealworms [You can buy it at local pet shop]
-Fish Cod [Remove skins and bones before giving it]
-Crickets [You can buy it at local pet shop]
-Bread [no white bread]
-Eggs [boiled]
-Plain Tofu
-Low Fat Cottage Cheese
-Plain Low Fat Yogurt
-Cooked Chicken or Turkey [Bakes or Steamed]
-Dog Biscuits [No Onion or Garlic]
-Monkey Chow
-Cooked Ground Beef [Make sure you rinse it well in hot water]
-Lab Blocks
-Grasshoppers [You can buy it at local pet shop]

OTHER FOODStatoo-namirnice_Namirnice_full_2111_98796

-Cooked Plain Brown Rice
-Baby Food [low sugar]
-Cooked Pasta
-Dry toast[can be helpful for diarrhea]
-Flax seed
-Low or Sugarless Cereals
-Pumpkin Seeds (unsalted)
-Sesame Seeds
-Squash seeds
-Soybeans [Roasted]
-Nutritional Yeast
-Oatmeal [dry]
-Bran and Wheat Germ
-Peanuts [unsalted]
-Unsalted Popcorn [no butter]

There is some food which can harm your hamster. Please try to avoid this food.

[x] – PotatoesDenied
[x] – Pork Products
[x] – Fool’s Parsley
[x] – Grape Seeds
[x] – Avocado
[x] – Raw Rhubarb
[x] – Tomato leaves
[x] – Oranges or Tangerines
[x] – Watermelon
[x] – Candies
[x] – Cherry Stone
[x] – Chips and Junk food
[x] – Peach Stone & Leaves
[x] – Apricot Stone
[x] – Chocolate
[x] – Lemon or Lime
[x] – Jams and jellies
[x] – Spices
[x] – Canned food
[x] – Garlic
[x] – Onions
[x] – Raw Kidney Beans
[x] – Leeks
[x] – Apple Seeds
[x] – Scallions
[x] – Chives
[x] – Eggplant
[x] – Almonds
[x] – Pickles

Bookmark this page or print out the list of acceptable and harmful food for hamster.

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