Best Hamster Chews

Top 10+ Best Hamster ChewsHamsters love to chew! More than that, they absolutely need to. Their teeth can grow very quickly, and the right types of chews help to keep them ground down to a safe length. However, not all chew toys are the greatest for these animals. It is important to make sure that you are purchasing hamster-safe, non-toxic chews for your pet. They’ll thank you for it!

Top 10+ Best Hamster Chews

Think about this list of the very best chew up toys for hamsters of all household bread of dogs. This kind of list contains nibbling playthings as well as goodies that the hamster will certainly make sure to like.


If you possess the an focus on organic items and general security, you can like this kind of item nearly as very much as your hamster will! These types of 6- in . sticks will be fashioned coming from apple solid wood twigs and they are 100% organic and natural, pesticide-free and absolutely great tasting. Provide your hamster a flavor of something nice that fortifies their tooth, after that simply view these people chew up their particular little center out.

When you get that the hamster enjoys these delicious, small sticks, you may buy them in mass. Sharllen offers these apple stays found in deals varying from 90 grams to 500 h in size. The sticks arrive in an collection of thicknesses, therefore they may be offered centered on excess weight rather than the quantity of stays in a bundle.


Looking for a chew up plaything that may be fun, vibrant, and provides limitless entertainment and also the teeth-strengthening rewards your hammy requirements? Kaytee makes a dangling munch gadget that’s ideal for Syrian hamsters and can become put up in almost any kind of wire crate.

This multiple-leveled, multi-textured plaything is throw away, so you only have to throw it away once your hamster has devoured it. Changing this toy is usually an air flow, since each toy offers intended for the low cost of $2. 71. To prevent operating out of the amazing gnaw plaything, you are able to buy the Kaytee Ideal Chews in deals of just one to three.


Niteangel offers founded itself while a high quality brand of organic and safe and sound hamster items. Among their amazing inventory of such products are the lawn balls created for hamsters of most sizes. These types of toys are good for play and also nibbling and they are completely natural.

They are designed from seagrass, water hyacinth and rattan – with out the usage of metallic or stuff. They’re weaved with just their personal organic components. Many owners like putting a deal with inside each ball to provide their hammy a small incentive for his or her hard function.

For just $7. 99, you can buy a bundle of 3 grass tennis balls.


Another impressive addition from the Kaytee brand is the Nut Knot Nibbler. This toy consists of many non-toxic, wooden rods that are intricately fastened together to create a challenge for your furry pal. At the toy’s center is an almond, the perfect treat to reward your hamster for taking care of their teeth.

The toy is colorful in its design, but rest assured that the wood is usually 100% natural and safe for your hamster to sink their teeth into. They will love pushing and rolling the plaything around as they chew their way closer to the almond inside.

All of this joy and stimulation can be bought for under $5!


Sometimes it’s a good idea to switch things up, in order to prevent boredom and introduce variety. These SuperPet Lava Chews are a great alternative to traditional, wooden chews. These lava stone triangles are made from actual volcanic lava and taste great!

There are three flavors that come in the package of three chews:

  • Chin-a-min
  • Spear-a-munch
  • Winter grind

This three-pack provides great variety and all of the chewing benefits that you or your hammy could ask for. Each triangle has a pre-drilled hole so that you can place them on a kabob or perhaps hook of some kind, whichever you prefer. Of course, they’re perfect chews even when you just let your hamster shove them around their cage.


This hanging string of mineral blocks provides essential benefits to your hammy, including minerals that help to promote water consumption and overall health. The 8- inch dangling charm toy gives endless hours of entertainment and teeth-strengthening benefits that you and your hamster will love.

You can hang the chew as it is intended, but plenty of hamsters enjoy dragging the toy around their cage instead. Give your pet the benefit of salt and other valuable minerals and the fun of a durable chew that will keep them munching.


These squares, fashioned of natural lava rock, are a great way to add variety to your hamster’s routine. They are sold in a package of six, which you can give all at once or one at a time. The all-natural rocks are great not only for teeth grinding but also to smooth out those sharp nails that hamsters have.

The rocks are also lightweight, so your hamster can push, roll and toss them around their cage with ease. As much as these are functional chews, they are also playful and fun for hamsters, who need stimulation and excitement just as very much as we do.

A package of six sells for the low price of $10. 99. Each rock is 2’’ x 2’’ times 2’’ in dimension, the perfect size for dwarf or Syrian hamsters.


“ Variety is the essence of existence. ” And this Pranovo product is usually loaded with range! 6 different nibbling toys, almost all produced coming from organic solid wood that has not been cured with insect sprays, guarantee several hours of entertainment and dental care wellness rewards for your hamster.

The without treatment, natural pinus radiata of these toys and games help to make for any safe and healthy eating option, with all the added advantage of being entertaining for hamsters of all sizes. Your hamster will not actually understand that they’re keeping their tooth healthful — they’ll simply understand that they’re using a great period playing!

As well as for just $15. 50 around the standard Amazon . com shop, who also wouldn’t need to grab these playthings up? The bundle of six diverse playthings creates limitless entertainment options!


Niteangel’s concentrate on healthy and secure products is usually mirrored within their natural munch rings mainly because much every additional item offered by brand. Seagrass and unpeeled willow will be weaved collectively to produce bands that are extremely very much like the ball playthings created by Niteangel ( pointed out above).

Such as the brand’s additional items, these kinds of natural chew on rings have time of insect sprays, glue and metallic. This kind of leaves nothing at all but entirely organic and healthful components that are fantastic for nibbling and play. Your hamster will like pressing and moving these around because they normally document down their particular tooth.

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