Syrian hamster taming and training exercise

Like most hamsters, Nibbles needed to be tamed. We have come a long way from the flighty hamster I adopted months ago. Now she has no fear and comes right to me. Nibbles was sick and hurt when I adopted her. After she recovered 100% I removed her food dish and only fed her when she came to me for food. Each night I would make her take at least one piece of food from my hand, then when she would come out I would give her access to her dish. She was only offered a daily portion of seed (about one tablespoon but can vary from hamster to hamster) and/or whatever fresh items I had to offer, enough feed to carry her over to the next day.
Now that taming has been completed, we are working on a trick. We just started working on spin which you can watch in this video. Oh and don’t worry, Nibbles got the rest of her dinner after the training and the video was over. ?
Nibbles and I would like thank you for watching!

source: Youtube

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