3 Disadvantages of Having Multiple Sex Partners


Most people think that having multiple sex partners is all right. Some of you may think it is very exciting and very pleasurable, but some of you do not know the possible disadvantages it brings. It actually gives you so much harm and danger.

If you are not convinced, try reading this article. It provides three disadvantages:

  1. Acquiring sexually transmitted diseases – This is one of the most crucial disadvantages when having multiple sex partners. When you have multiple sex partners, you are actually exposing yourself to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases are acquired through having sex with different people. Different people might have different conditions and diseases. You can possibly acquire some infectious diseases through it. Sexually transmitted diseases can ruin your life. Some conditions may be untreatable and may be fatal.

  2. It can affect you psychologically – Another disadvantage of having multiple sex partners is that it can affect your psychological state of mind. This can sometimes lead to psychological disorders. You may acquire some behavioral changes and may become a severe problem in the future. You may encounter some problems that may affect your family, friends and other people.

  3. It can lead you to sex addiction – Sex addiction is one of the most common and crucial disadvantages of having multiple sex partners. When you allow yourself to engage in this kind of situation, it can later become addictive. You may have no control over your sex drive and may ruin your life and somebody else’s life. Sex addiction can be very dangerous. You may affect so many aspects in your life that you might regret.

Having multiple sex partners will not do any good for any people. When you are still engaging yourself in this kind of situation, consider these three disadvantages to awaken your awareness on how it can really affect you negatively.


Source by Elizabeth D. Johnson

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