3 Easy Ways to Work With and Speed ​​Up Your Metabolism


Most of us are aware of the importance of metabolism when it comes to losing weight. Either we learn how to work with it and even manipulate it or our metabolic rate will control us in relation to weight gain or loss. After you understand how metabolism works it is not difficult to do things to speed it up. This article will cover three easy ways that you can either work with or actually manipulate the rate of your metabolism.

First it is important to understand the two primary functions of metabolism. When you consume food the body considers it to be a fuel source. This fuel or energy is used to promote the proper function of the body.

You are probably aware of the fact that the tissues and cells of your body are continuously dying and being replaced. Believe it or not, the body requires the use of energy to make this process efficient. Another important point is that when you exert energy calories you have consumed are burned.

So your metabolism is doing two things essentially, it is working to break down the calories into a usable form for the body and it is working to create the new cells and tissues. Those functions are opposites in that one is breaking down and the other is building new.

With basic knowledge of metabolism you can begin using steps to make your metabolism work for you. It is important to realize that your body needs a certain amount of calories in order to function efficiently. That is why many fad diets or diet supplements are not healthy. You need to find a weight management program that allows the consumption of nutrient rich foods.

See the three easy steps to speeding up your metabolism listed below:

1) Never skip meals

2) Eat healthy food choices

3) Incorporate activity into your lifestyle

When your body is at rest you are burning fewer calories. When you sleep everything slows down. By eating a healthy breakfast every morning you will actually kick start your metabolism into action. You have to provide food for the process to be faster.

For the same reason it is important that you do not allow yourself to wait an extremely long time between meals. Instead try to eat at least four times per day, but even up to seven small meals is fine. This keeps your metabolism at its optimum rate and you will never feel hungry. That means you will not overeat.

Consider the foods you eat. Make healthy choices. This is not to say that you have to completely eliminate your favorite foods but carefully decide when it is okay to indulge and when it is not. Planning meals ahead of time often helps with this task.

I understand that exercise regimens can be tedious, boring and exhausting. That is why I always recommend adding simple ways to increase your physical activity level. I am suggesting things like taking walks, or using the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the far end of parking lots, playing with your dog or children, and giving up the remotes. By doing small things a lot you will definitely increase your metabolism rate.

These three easy steps can actually result in a significant weight loss. Simply incorporate the steps into your life and you will find that you are losing weight and feeling better. Get on your way to controlling your metabolism today!


Source by Deb Allen

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