3 Super Tips How to Take Care of Your Hamster


Do you want to learn how to take care of your hamster? If you do, this will be the perfect article for you because what you are about to discover here are going to keep your hamster healthy and happy all the time.

Taking care of a hamster is not something difficult or complicated. It is just like taking care of all other pets. You need to spend time and effort into caring them. And the most important of all is the knowledge of how to take care of them.

Most people think that it is a difficult task, but in fact, it is not. As long as you follow through the 3 super tips below, you will never go wrong …

1. Choose the right cage for your hamster. Do you know that the cage or the 'house' of your hamster is just as important as your house? Choose a clean hamster cage instead of an aquarium because a cage provide better air ventilation.

And know how many hamsters you are going to keep. The more hamsters you keep, the bigger the cage you will need. However, for starters, it is always advice to start breeding with a few hamsters instead of a lot.

2. Feeding the right food. Do you know that hamsters are small, but they can eat a lot? Whatever you give them will go directly into their mouth. Therefore, feeding hamster with the right food is an important aspect if you want to keep your pet healthy.

So what to feed your hamster? Hamster likes fresh fruits and vegetables. You can feed them with lettuces, carrots, leafy green plants, turnips, seeds and and more to keep them healthy.

One important tip you need to remember is that do not ever feed your hamster with human junk food such as sweet. This is because your hamsters are small in size and even with a small amount of junk food can make them sick.

3. Always give clean water for your hamster. It is always a wise choice to use a sipper tube than provide your hamster with a bowl of clean water. You have to understand that your hamster can easily jump into the bowl of waters and make the bedding wet and in a mess.

Make sure you change the water regularly and keep the cage clean all the time. If the bedding of your hamster cage is wet, you will need to change it to prevent bacteria from spreading.


Source by Shawn L.

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