Can Aerobic Exercise Even Improve Mental Health?


Everyone wants to have a healthy and fit body. In addition a sound and healthy mind is also something which everyone wishes for.

The importance of improved mental health cannot be ignored, it is considered over and above all other positive attributes. The most common question that often emerge in the minds of most of the people is how to improve mental health and moreover those who have heard about the aerobic exercises tend to ask can aerobic exercise improve mental health? Well the answer to all these can be found in this article only, so go on reading further.

It is a fact that physical exercise can benefit the physical as well as mental health of a person, but in addition, aerobic exercises can also help a lot in improving mental health. In one of the studies it’s revealed that if a person goes for doing aerobic exercises for just 20 to 30 minutes and that too just 3 to 5 times every week, then it can show results that are hard to believe, with such exercises it seems that mental health can be improved to a great extent.

When talking about a healthy and an enhanced mental health, it is worth to state that it is a broad topic and it includes several conditions. Two of the conditions that fall under the purview of mental health that are discussed in this article are anxiety and depression.

Aerobic exercises can even benefit a person suffering from these two conditions. With the help of regular aerobic exercise, you can experience tremendous improvements in both the above mentioned conditions.

As per WHO, depression is no doubt the common factor affecting as many as 121 millions of people all around the world. As the population of the entire world is increasing every second, so is this number. The most common way by which this problem is cured is with the help of the Beck Depression Inventory Score or the BDI score. It is a set of questions that are asked to the person and thereafter his/her score is produced on the basis of that. As per various researches the person after participating in such a session feels better and thus it is considered the effective way to treat a person with depression.

In addition there are several other medicines available in the markets that are considered effective in curing this problem, however the problem associated with these medicines is that their side-effects may be adverse, which may not be realized at the moment, but later on and then it would become very late. Thus with the help of regular aerobic exercises, the problem of depression can be cured and that too without any harmful effects.

When it comes to anxiety, it is also a very common problem found in many people. Here also aerobic exercises are said to provide best results and the person gets relief in less time. As per the meta analyses that studies the effects of exercise on anxiety, it is revealed that exercise more than 20 minutes helps in reducing the level of anxiety in a person. Not only that, even if the level of anxiety is more, then it makes no difference. Thus in this way it has been proved that aerobic exercises can definitely improve the mental health of an individual.


Source by Sanjana Antony

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