Energy Healing for Pets Using Body Talk


Alternative medicine, energy healing included, are amazing tools to use on your pets. You may have heard how energy based healing methods, especially Body Talk and PSYCH-K, can assist people in balancing their bodies and beliefs enabling them to live happier and healthier lives. The same is true for your pets.

This past weekend I was with my Dad and his wife, as well as their 4-month old fur-child, Gus. Gus is a little Yorkie and full of life. He chases, plays and tries to chew on anything in sight, including your toes, without he is passed out from exhaustion. I decided to do some energy balancing with Gus using the Body Talk System.

Now my dad and step-mom know I do this type of thing, although I can not say they understand much any of it. They probably think it's rather strange. I did not say anything to them about it. I just tapped into Gus' energy and followed the Body Talk protocol. Body Talk can and will address any aspect of the individual, including animals. For most people, except squirmy youngsters, I use muscle testing to find out exactly what to do through what we call innate wisdom. With the squirmy ones, including animals, I use a variation of muscle testing in which I do not touch the body of the person or animal. I used this method with Gus who was not about to stay still for much of anything.

Over the weekend I worked with Gus a number of times using Body Talk. Several things came up rather frequently. One was balancing the cortices of the brain. This is a very common balance no matter who I'm working with. It asserts the brain to work together as a whole. You've probably heard someone say, "He's left brained." She's right brained. " This means the person works predominately from their left or right brain. The optimum way of functioning is to work from the whole brain, where the two sides are communicating fully with each other. That way the person or animal has access to the full power of the whole brain. Gus needed this balanced about half the time I worked with him.

Another thing that came up often was his endocrine system. Body Talk can identify which organs, glands or other body parts are not fully communicating with each other. We then give instructions to the body to "remind" these parts to talk to each other again. Everything is consciousness and we are tapping into the consciousness of the whole and making adjustments just as the innate wisdom of the body tells us to.

Another balance the innate wisdom recommended was for allergies in food. Later on, when he appeared to be lethargic, I checked in on him and balanced him for toxins. Where did he suddenly get those toxins? Well, we were at a ranch and this little fellow decided he liked to eat deer poop. Not my idea of ​​a tasty treat, but so it was. I do not know if that was the toxin, but it did not matter. The instructions were to balance for and eliminate the toxins in his system. It did not say I had to find out what the toxin was.

I'll check in with his human parents and see how he is doing. One result while there was that he bonded to me rather quickly much to the amazement of his human mom. He seemed a bit calmer, but we'll see over time if this holds.


Source by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D.

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