Importance of Exercise For Pets


With the national spotlight shining on the increasing rates of overweight people and obesity, many people are working to maintain a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise. However, we may forget about the health and exercise needs of our pets in the process. Despite what you may think, pets can gain too much weight and become obese as well. This is why exercising your furry friends is just as important as exercising yourself.

The amount and type of exercise needed by a pet depends on the pet itself. This is similar to humans in that your fitness level can change according to your age, current weight level, and past injuries. To safely give your pet a beneficial workout, you must take these things into consideration for them as well.

You have probably already seen exercise wheels for hamsters, gerbils, and other creatures in the rodent family. Like a treadmill, these tiny animals can run around on the wheel, spinning it so that they do not actually go anywhere. Also, some of these furry creatures enjoy running around the house in a plastic ball. This way, they are actually going somewhere, and they can be transported around the house with you without you having to worry about them escaping. Instead, they get exercise!

If you decide to get a pet from the rodent family, chances are good that it is pretty hyper, especially at night. Many people get annoyed with the sound of the wheel spinning at night, so they usually remove it from the pet's cage. Sadly, these animals are nocturnal, so they are most likely to run on the wheel at night. Keep this in mind, and you may want to remove the cage from your bedroom rather than taking away your pet's chance to exercise.

Dogs are wonderful exercise companions for their human masters. Many people love the protection and company of a canine running partner. Committing to an exercise regimen for your dog can be very good for you as well. Also, some people choose to play games with their puppy, such as frisbee or tennis ball toss. This gives a dog a chance to run in quick sprint off of a leash, if it is well-trained. Also, just a few throws can leave a dog panting and tired from the anaerobic exercise.

Cats are slightly more difficult to work out. If you have a cat, you might have noticed how much it loves to lay around and sleep. However, cats need exercise too. It is slightly harder to put a cat on a leash and force it to walk or run with you. Thus, it is important to look for other methods to exercise your cat. Playing with your cat is a wonderful way to give it a workout. For example, getting a ribbon or feather on a wand can be fun because it will force your cat to jump up and pounce if it wants to catch the item. Also, giving it a small ball with a treat or jingle bell inside may incite it to run around and chase the item while it rolls around.

Just like we pair healthy eating and exercise, you can do the same for your pet. Giving your dog or cat 100% natural, nutritionally weak pet food can help them maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. For more information on this nutritional and beneficial food, check out Flint River Ranch today.


Source by Joseph Devine

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