Learn the Truth Behind the No Carb Diet


What is a “No Carb Diet”? Well to be perfectly honest there is no such thing as a no carb diet, it just can’t be achieved. It is basically impossible to have your diet consist of not one ounce of carbohydrate because almost everything has some amount of carbohydrates in it. It may be a small amount but never the less that would rule such a diet as the “No Carb Diet”

You could live exclusively on say protein like the Inuit people do who live primarily on whale meat (protein) and the whale blubber or as we like to call it fat. This comes from their diet of whale and seal meat. This isn’t the best diet to consider as there are a range of nutrients we need including one called phytonutrients which are found in very small traces in animal meat so we must look at other food types to satisfy us and provided much needed nutrients for good health.

Ensuring we have a varied diet which includes a whole spectrum of foods is the best way to go and would include a range of plant food which is so important to our health and all plant foods have some degree of carbohydrates in them and so a “No Carb Diet” is not that easy to accomplish. One bonus of having to eat plant foods is that some of them are high in nutrients but rank very low in carbohydrates, so you can at least stick to low carb diet of sorts.

I guess what people are really saying when they ask about a “no carb diet” is really more likely to be a diet which consist of a low carbohydrate footprint so to speak. A diet that consists mainly of proteins and fats but has a very low carbohydrate count. Diets such as the initial stages of the Atkins Diet is one that comes to mind. During the start of the Atkins diet you are required to eat as much protein as you wish but you do not eat carbs at all where possible. This might seem unhealthy which is really isn’t something you could stick with for any period of time, but is more a kick start into weight loss.

So to summarise then, there really is no such thing as a “No Carb Diet”, what you would really be referring to is a low or very low carbohydrate diet which is achievable but maybe not the healthiest for you. There are much better ways for you lose weight in a slower but ultimately much healthier way and is one I have been using for many years now. These kinds of diets will not leave you feeling hungry or tired, instead they give you more energy and whole new lifestyle, one in which if you embrace it, you will not fail to reach your desired weight.


Source by Christian Elm

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