Premature Ejaculation Treatment in 3 Easy Steps


Trying to figure out a premature ejaculation treatment that will forever change your life and grant you amazing sex in bed is no easy task, especially when you are not quite sure what is causing your PE to begin with. However, with the right education, and a little help, any man can figure out what triggers their early reflexes and eventually treat it for good.

The honest truth is that a healthy relationship thrives on good sex. If a fun and fulfilling connection between two people is to remain this way and last, it is absolutely necessary that all different forms of stimulation are spot on. Not only is this important for a guy, because we all love sex so much, but its also very true that you really need to keep her satisfied as well.

Many women fake orgasm, and up to 30% of men suffer from prematurely ejaculating, while nearly every man has experienced it at least once, so you can take comfort in knowing that it is very common.

As a man who suffers from PE, you may experience ejaculating before she can get your pants off, losing control within a few minutes, having to focus very hard to not orgasm too quickly, paying close attention to thrusting, worrying about what she thinks, if she's having a good time, and its even very common to experience sudden ejaculation from other forms of sexual stimulation such as oral sex and stimulation from her hand.

In fact the stress of PE is so severe at times, that many men even in their 20's will avoid any circumstance that could involve sex altogether.

The causes of premature ejaculation can have a wide range. The most common being sexual anxiety / stress. This can be caused easily by things like losing virginity for the first time, fear of prematurely ejaculating again (after having done so over and over again before), afraid of what she will think of your uncircumcised penis (if you have one), and PE can even be the result of other types of stress such as work stress, relationship / emotional problems, suddenly lacking of faith in confidence, dissatisfaction with current state of your body, anger, sadness and even poor diet habits. It can even be a problem if you have common masturbated too quickly during your teen years or later.

So what do you do? is all hope lost? The answer is no. So here is a 3 step cure for premature ejaculation.

1. You must first balance your body and mind. This is done by way of typically taking anti-depressants prescribed by a doctor, even if you are not depressed. The reason that these are a first step is because these are SSRI (selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) based medications that can help balance the CNS (central Nervous System), which plays a huge role in relaying messages between your brain and PC muscles about what kind of stimulation that you are currently experiencing.

As a result, if the brain is being told that you are at the peak of being stimulated, it will tell the muscles to go ahead and "fire" so to speak. The problem with this is that many outside factors can influence the CNS, giving it false information regarding your "real time" performance.

If the idea of ​​taking an antidepressant others you, there are substitutes that you can learn about later.

2. Now, you must use premature ejaculation exercises to retrain for better endurance. Some men have already tried this, but they did not have all their eggs in one basket so to speak, and that is why it did not work.

The start and stop technique works very well, sometimes it has been called edging, and if the right game plan is incorporated magic can really happen. This can be worked with by a couple, or the guy can handle it on his own if he is single. The next part combined with step 1 is what will make this process really shine.

3. Understanding how to connect the physical and metaphysical are very important. Knowing how to read your body better than you can now is a must. You must develop mind control as well as body control when working with these exercises or having actual intercourse in bed.

If you want to last longer in bed, then you need to understand every sudden feeling of stimulation like never before, so that you can control premature ejaculation before it ever starts.

The reason is that you will need to work with some little unknown tricks that male porn stars use to last longer during sex. Do you think they started out with the endurance that you see on the screen? of course not, its difficult being a man and living up to her expectations (or our own). But, if they HAD to learn how to do it for a career, then you can tap into this knowledge as well.


Source by Sal Hendrix

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