Running Better With Asthma – Tips For Safe Exercise


If you have asthma, you may find it that running or exercising is difficult.

If you want to know the secret to running better with asthma , you may find that you need an entire life change.

In some instances, changing your diet and exercise habits can allow you to run without being disturbed by closing airways and potential asthma attacks.

There are five easy steps that will allow you to master the techniques of running with asthma.

Lose The Extra Pounds

If you find yourself with a couple of extra pounds, consider losing them in order to make you run more effectively, even with your asthma.

The more you weigh, the more pressure you have on your body and lungs.

Especially if you are battling asthma, this extra pressure may be too much to handle.

Also, people who are overweight have other medical problems that can affect your asthma problems.

Once you have shed the pounds, you may find yourself running better with asthma .

Reevaluate Your Diet

Remember that you are what you eat.

Look carefully at your diet and throw out anything that is unhealthy.

Ditch the fatty, fried, sugar-coated, and all-around unhealthy foods in your panty and refrigerator.

Studies have shown that if you reduce the amount of fats that you consume, you can actually help your asthma problem.

Also, eating fresh vegetables heavy in magnesium keeps your lungs healthy and your asthma flare-ups at a minimum.

Since allergens can lead to asthma attacks, know which foods serve as your triggers and be sure to avoid those specific items.

Finally, drinking between eight and ten glasses of water each and every day will help to reduce the inflammation in your lungs.

Nix Smoking

Although no one who suffers from asthma should be smoking, you should certainly not combine smoking, asthma, and running or exercising.

If you are asthmatic and you do smoke, stop immediately.

Also, reducing the amount of alcohol that you consume on a regular basis will help you by allowing your body to become healthier.

Set Realistic Goals

If you are new to running, you are probably not aiming to break any speed records.

Instead, set a realistic goal about the distance that you plan to run and your projected pace.

Pushing yourself past your limit is often the most common trigger for an asthma attack, so take this into consideration.

If you plan on running on a regular basis, consider developing a plan that will allow you to work slowly but steadily towards your goal.

Also, practice breathing exercises that will allow you to maintain proper breaths even while running.

Know Your Limits

Everyone has their limit.

Typically, with those individuals who suffer from asthma, they have certain warning signs before a full fledged asthma attack.

Most often, a tightening feeling in the chest is the first sign that trouble lies ahead.

If your body tells you to stop, then by all means obey your body. When running on hot, humid, or cold days, you may need to change your regular routine.

During extreme weather conditions, individuals who suffer from asthma are more likely to experience some type of weather-induced asthma attack.

You should always have your asthma inhaler with you at all times, but especially when running or exercising so that you have the proper medication in the even of an asthma attack.


Source by Mike Herman

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