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The vegetarian diet is great for your health and also for the health of our environment. If you've ever read anything about the benefits of this diet, and the improvements this diet can make to your health and the health of the planet, you'll be happy to learn that starting a meatless diet is easier today than ever. There is a difference between being a vegetarian, a lacto-vegetarian and vegan. Some people in these groups eat only raw food or organic food, but in general living any kind of meatless lifestyle can make you healthy.

You can start substituting ingredients in your favorite vegetarian recipes and dishes to make them really meatless. Learn some new meatless recipes. Put mushrooms in marinara sauce to take the place of meatballs or a meat substitute such as textured vegetable protein (TVP) in your favorite lasagna recipe and bingo, you're eating meatless. Making simple replacements in your trial and true recipes can inspire you to stay on the meatless track once you see how delicious vegetarian food can be.

Go to the health food sections of grocery stores and health food stores and notice the huge variety of meatless foods available. Study the natural foods aisle at your local grocer and make it a point to introduce yourself to your local health foods store. Treat yourself to a few new meatless products and try them in your next meal. The Internet can be a great source of new vegetarian recipes. And do not limit yourself to being meatless only at home; most all restaurants offer delicious meatless entrees, so be sure to try them.

Start with eating vegetarian a couple of days a week. Then add another day or two. Gradually you'll find you're meatless all week long! Take pride in your accomplishments, because not only have you made positive changes to lead a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, but the environment will benefit as well.


Source by Tina T Willer

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