What You Need to Know About Your High Cholesterol Diet

by Lee Pham
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Cholesterol is a fat that is made by the body and is a direct result of eating a high cholesterol diet. There are many kinds of cholesterol that is measured using the screening routine. Cholesterol comes from food that you eat, and made in the body. When taken in sufficient amounts, it can actually prevent the bad cholesterol from piling up. Note that cholesterol is not all bad. It is used to produce libido in your body and it can affect your hormones. Bad cholesterol is produced by the liver and carried throughout the body. While cholesterol in the body is important for the health, when it is produced in high quantity, it can amass on the blood vessel wall and cause blockage. Studies show that the presence of high cholesterol in a human’s body can lead to heart attack, blood clots, hardening and clogged arteries, and stroke.

Studies show that an average American adult takes about 360 milligrams of cholesterol; this is way above than the recommended amount of 300 milligrams. If you are already have too much cholesterol in your diet such as red meat, cheese, butter, eggs and milk, then it is time for you to be careful in the food choices you make. With the hurried lifestyles that most of us have, we choose to eat fast food because of its convenience. Regrettably, these types of foods are unhealthy as they have been prepared using many fats and oils.

Risks of a High Cholesterol Diet

Studies show that elevated levels of cholesterol are caused by very many things, the top most being one’s lifestyle. However, age and heritage is said to contribute to high levels of cholesterol. If you do not want to have your body bulging with fat, you can choose to live longer and healthier. One mistaken fact is that only fat and old people can have high levels of cholesterol, the truth is that even thin and young people can have high levels of cholesterol.

One of the main sources of elevated levels of cholesterol in the body is having a diet eating foods high in cholesterol. Eating foods that have saturated fat such as animal product can cause cholesterol even if the fats do not have cholesterol. In addition to that, eating food that has high level of cholesterol such as meat and eggs also increase the levels of cholesterol.

Note that, only animal products have cholesterol. Many people confuse this and end up eating these types of food anyway. Many grocery stores have wrongly labeled products to be 100% free of animal products, which is wrong, and it ends up contributing to the customer’s bad diet practices.

The second source of cholesterol is genetics. If your mother has high levels of cholesterol, then chances are that you will also have a high levels. If you are also overweight, you have the risk of having elevated levels of cholesterol. An overweight person is very likely to have a high cholesterol diet, due to the food they eat.

Reduction of a High Cholesterol Diet

High cholesterol can be tested using a blood test. Depending on your medical history and age, the doctor can test your cholesterol. The test entails measuring the cholesterol level, triglycerides, high and low density lipoprotein. If your doctor finds that you have high levels of cholesterol, he will suggest some changes in your life style such as reduction of a high cholesterol diet to reduce the high cholesterol level. If what the doctors suggest does not work, then you may be given medication to reduce the high cholesterol level in your body.

Due to the multiple risks that are as a result of high cholesterol, it is important to make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, with healthy diet plans. You should avoid any trappings of a high cholesterol diet and also exercise regularly. This will result to you having a disease-free life.


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