Why Chinese Medicine is Important For Your Health


In this talk, I wish to indicate the importance of your health and how this can be seen or interpreted by a trained physician in Chinese medicine. It is also to help you understand and seek medical help if you see or notice anything peculiar. It is always common sense and recommended that you seek medical attention from a doctor or trained physician before your health becomes worse.

The face is unique. Everyone’s face is special. The face is normally the first thing that is seen by people when they meet others. People’s faces are what people associate people with and how people are remembered. The face consists of the hair, forehead, nose, mouth, eyes, and skin.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that organs are connected to each other. In simple terms, all our organs operate in unison together to operate our body. In Chinese medicine, the face is a medium to interrupt an individuals’ body health.

The health of the eyes can and the colour can show the health of certain organs in a person’s body. Trained physicians normally study a patient’s eyes for signs of ill health.

The skin colour and texture can also show how healthy they are. It takes a trained and experienced doctor to understand and translate that into health.

The smell of the breath from a person and the colour on their tongues can also indicate one’s health. Certain smells and colours can mean that certain body parts are not in good health.

The colour of one’s eyes is also an indication of one’s health. Discolouration and the shine in one’s eyes can indicate certain health problems.

It is also recommended that you exercise you whole body regularly. I emphasize the whole body because every body part and organ is important in contributing to your overall health. Your liver cannot be healthy if your kidneys are not. All organs have different functions in the body but are affected by each other.I recommend that you look after your health carefully. Whatever your lifestyle, don’t make excuses to avoid exercise.


Source by Tito King

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