Last moment of my hamster

threw some pictures and video clips of my Chinese dwarf hamster Pokey, in which the video clips are taken half an hour before Pokey died.
Those moments watching it suffer was definitely not fun and it was difficult not to shed tears for it, especially when it died in my hands.
This morning while transferring pokey to a container before burial, i saw its tiny hands and legs all pale, it itself cold. Its eyes were closed.
Took her out to the Nature Park and buried her there….
if there really is afterlife…i hope it will reincarnate to a much better and happier life..
…at least not a pet trapped in some cage for life

r.i.p Pokey….

p.s. for the last time, don’t ask me why i’m recording it and that it’s so “cruel” or anything. i’d like to know the cause of death, and people who see this and own a hamster. take precaution this isn’t a good sign. ALSO: i don’t think i need your judgement on it either. Rather, if you think this is “sick” and “cruel” and “cold-blooded” then WHY DID YOU CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO? The title says it all. If you clicked on here not intending to learn or suggest why it died that way, then I think the person who needs to be judged is you. You may not respect what I am doing, but a kind dislike will do. This is about my dead hamster, I hope you respect it. If not, then please, gtfo.
thank you.

Possible cause of death from many viewers (thank you very much):
1. old age
2. water getting into the respiratory system
3. pine wood shavings which may have been poisonous (different batches)

source: Youtube

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